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Mike Spencer, owner of BeatComber was born and raised in San Diego, California. He and his and his wife Anne both graduated from San Diego State University where he gained a degree in Economics, she in Business Management. The couple met in 2009, while Mike was working for a prominent surf shop chain in Southern California and quickly bonded over their love of Music and the Southern California culture. A few years after they were married, Mike made the decision to leave his job at Lego Brand Retail, move to San Antonio, Texas and fulfill his dream of opening his own clothing and lifestyle store. Thus, BeatComber was born.

Mike’s background in California surf and skate shops is essential to his vision and creative ideals. The name BeatComber comes from a pen name used by John Lennon to anonymously publish articles in Harvey Beat magazine. Taking "Beat" from the magazine name and meshing it with the word beach comber, he inspired our unique mixture of two cultures that go hand in hand.

Mike is now working to create and further develop the BeatComber brand which brings the lifestyle of the beach and combines it with the culture of music. The result is a unique blend of clothing for both men and women that is both timeless, trendy and affordable. BeatComber not only offers clothing, but also serves to outfit the style potential in all of its customers.

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