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Reef Rover Hi Le


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Café con leche in the morning, iced coffee on the beach, and espresso at night. The Reef Rover HI LE is up for all of them in pure grain leather. This semi sophisticated women's sandal features super soft contoured SWELLULAR footbed, and medium density molded sawtooth SWELLULAR rubber outsole.


Swellular Technology

Built around three layers of innovative material: a super-soft, contoured foam deck for instant comfort, a medium-density midsole for long-lasting support, and a high-density rubber outsole for traction, protection and durability.


  • Medium density foam midsole
  • Super soft contoured swellular footbed wrapped with premium nubuck leather
  • Elastic gor ankle strap
  • High density sawtooth swellular rubber outsole
  • Soft tumbled leather deck

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