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The Stay Focused Holo Foil Deck is our most popular graphic. A sturdy 7ply Canadian Maple Deck with a Super Comfortable Shape that anyone can pick up and shred. With a simple design paired nicely with holographic foil touch in the negative spaces it just works so well. It is just one of those boards that looks good anywhere you take it. Ifskateco started on on the central coast of California by a group of skaters. We developed a concept that was built to work with local skate communities to help provide a platform to express individual talents no matter what the skill level. Now we are located in the Los Angeles area and have put a major focus on providing opportunities to the skate communities via community out reach, skateboard events, and helping gain sponsorships for our supporters. We want to lead a change in the industry by showing the youth that there is nothing more important than being yourself because in a world where image has been built to be everything. We are all Individually Formed and once we embrace that we can achieve anything. Hope to see you on board! STAY FOCUSED!

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