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Party Pants


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Did you know that Flamingos are pink because of the beta-carotene in the crustaceans and plankton that they eat? You are what you eat, right?.... But why isn't Lil Xan the color of Flaming Hot Cheetos? 

Oh.... and we forgot to mention. The flamingos on these shorts are wearing sunglasses. It isn't because they want to protect their eyes from the sun. It is because they just watched Risky Business starring Tom Cruise and Flamingos love Tom Cruise. Don't ask a Flamingo about Dianetics unless you have a lot of time to kill.

SKU: PR191088

  • Vintage pigment print with stonewash
  • Made to fade
  • 2-way stretch fabric
  • 16" Outseam
  • Double Polyurethane dipped drawcords
  • Vented Sideseam
  • Front seam pockets
  • Party Pants ring bottle opener
  • Permanent Vacation key chain
  • Rubberized fox logo
  • Internal stash pocket
  • Sewn eyelets

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