Starting to Come Together

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Come Together!


Who doesn’t love a good ole’ status update on Friday Eve? It’s Thursday my friends and we have officially started the finish out here at BeatComber. As of last week, we were given the keys and the store is ready for us to put our spin on its interior design. To you, it might look like a long dark empty box, but to us, it’s a blank canvas just begging for any and all of our ideas, within reason of course. Mike and I are expecting a good 30 days at least of construction but are looking forward to every second of it!


Additionally, Mike’s been hard at work with the all too important job of ordering product and all that goes with it.

Hangers – check

Sunglasses – check

Some pretty sweet retro t’s - double check – we’ve got men’s and women’s!

Denim - check

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg folks!


The only hard part now is coming to terms with the fact that every package that arrives at our door step “isn’t for Anne” (says Mike). So I’m doing what I can do to carry that weight of a daily clothing tease until the store is ready for some serious stocking.


Speaking of stocking… and folding and greeting and hanging and just being awesome in general… We are still looking for a few last retail associates to complete our BeatComber family. Interested in surrounding yourself in music and clothes all day long or know someone who would? Apply via the link below.  We’ll be introducing you to our group of talented associates soon enough!


It truly is all coming together.

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