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Anne's 3rd Blog

Anne’s 3rd Blog

Retail Therapy, Music Therapy… why choose just one?
Ever wonder why it feels so fantastic to blast that ballad or throw on a crispy new shirt after a long week? It’s true! There’s somethin about new threads and old tunes tunes seems to calm the nerves and give you the boost you need when you’re down and out. So if you are looking for some retail therapy OR some therapeutic songs to soothe the soul you need look no further because BeatComber has both, or it will when we open. Which is sooner than you think!
We are crossing our T’s, or quite literally folding them and putting the final touches on the store to make it shine like a diamond in the sky with Lucy. Mike and I, along with the help of our fabulous employees (which you all will get the chance to meet very soon) have been cranking on a pretty impressive playlist for the store that’s sure to knock your socks off! Don’t worry, we can help you find some noteworthy replacements. Let the countdown begin…

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