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Anne's first BeatComber Blog Post

Welcome to BeatComber!


San Antonio’s soon to have a new shop in town and BeatComber is the word. Just a few measly months ago, my husband Mike and I packed up our two Chihuahuas, a house full of furniture, Mike’s 6 guitars and hit the long and winding road on our journey from San Diego, California to San Antonio, Texas.

Trust us, it is very long and most definitely winding. Why the move? BeatComber. With Mike’s decade of experience in surf and skate retail, my love for everything fashion and our shared passion for everything MUSIC, we dared to take the risk that most only dream of by starting our own business. What better place to do that then Texas, our Texas!


So… fast forward a few months, leases have been signed, bags have been ordered and we are well on our way to becoming what we hope to be the raddest store in town.


Right now we are working eight days a week to get our store finished-out and up and running. So don’t tune out. More updates are on the way!


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